Teacup Maltese Information

There are some little puppies you see around town whenever you are strolling, and maybe wonder what they are, and why they have become more popular.

These are the Teacup Maltese, in general Teacup dogs. The reason why these dogs have become so common is mainly due to their adorably tiny size.

On average, Yorkshire terrier dogs usually weigh around 8-9 lbs. as a matter of fact, whenever you want to buy one of these and the breeder claims they have some for sale, the implication is that the dogs have an average weight of 2-5 lbs.

Teacup Maltese Information

Teacup Maltese puppies are simply that small no wonder they are ever in demand, as the ultimate pets.
As far as the advantages are concerned, these small dogs are very suitable to carry around due to their small size.

Consider the convenience when you wish to travel and carry along your pet, these dogs are very easy to travel with.

If you have these pets, you will not have to worry about exercise space since they do not need a lot of that, and can always do with some small space in your apartment.

Those people whose kids are afraid of big dogs can also get these tiny dogs to train them on how to take care of dogs, and then advance later on.

These puppies area also quite easy to keep spic and span, more so the breeds like the Yorkshire terrier or Teacup Maltese which do not shed fur, and those who are allergic to dogs can also keep them.

You can also dress them up in fashionable clothes to show them off, and be sure they will look adorable. When you are looking to buy a Teacup Maltese, make sure you get them from reasonable sellers who will also offer you free vet services. One of such place to buy them from is the oodle.