Pomeranians Husky – Are They Hard To Breed?

Pomeranians Husky are said to be hard to breed. This tiny dog is subject to many genetic problems, and often experiences delivery difficulties. The average litter size is 1 to 3 puppies.

Problems often occur when a Pomeranian is bred to larger dogs. For example, a sire weighing about 4 pounds cannot be crossed with a dam, whose weight is twice as much. Very definitely such puppies will not conform to the breed standard. Their size will vary greatly from one puppy to another.

Since Pomeranians Husky were bred down with little consideration, large species do occur sometimes in litters. To minimize the risk a breeder is supposed to study the sire and the dam’s pedigrees.

Pomeranian’s gestation period lasts for about 58-63 days. Newly born puppies weigh from 55 to 125 grams. Every day a puppy should gain some weight, even if it is only a few grams. Too little puppies are not desirable since they appear to be prone to a great number of diseases.

 Pomeranians Husky – Questions To Ask A Breeder

Pomeranians Husky

Determine whether the breeder knows the breed standard, history, and common health disorders. Pomeranians with sound personalities are generally friendly with other pets. However, inconsistent breedings can lead to such problems as aggressiveness, and hyperactivity.

Experience is one of the main things to pay attention to when finding a breeder to buy a Pomeranian from. Breeders of champions usually cannot help but boast their darlings.

Pictures and videos from shows are very helpful in realizing how a would-be Pomeranian will look like when it is an adult dog. Grateful owners who purchased their Pomeranians Husky from this very breeder will gladly supply you with references.

Finding out the way Pomeranian puppies were socialized and brought up is the matter of great importance. The first few weeks of a puppy’s life play a vital role in its further development.

It is not recommended to separate puppies from their mother sooner than 7-8 weeks after they were born. The lack of interaction will inevitably tell upon their personality traits.

Needless to say, a responsible breeder will provide help in raising puppies. It is the person who will consult you on the point of feeding Pomeranians, basic training techniques, and other issues necessary to successfully fulfill the owner’s duties.

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