Pomeranians Behavior

Pomeranians Behavior: Pomeranian Husky are small but very lively and intelligent dogs, but every owner must know how to train a Pomerianians!

Pomeranians are used primarily as companion dogs. They are said to deal better with elderly people, and older children. These tiny dogs demand careful treatment, and tend to be snappy when someone hurts them, even if it is unintentionally.

However, there is no reason to assume that Pomeranians behave as if they were the kings of the world, whose every wish is meant to be realized by their owner, and any discomfort inevitably causes outrage. These fragile dogs grow into “household oppressors” only if the owner lets them do it. Offer a Pomeranian to rule your every action, and he will not refuse, be sure about it.

How Intelligent Are They?

Pomeranians Behavior

Pomeranians are said to be very intelligent dogs. This statement aired by numerous Pomeranian lovers and breed specialists does not leave any room for doubt. These dogs are capable of performing complex tricks, and very often display task solving abilities.

Nevertheless, those cute dogs one sees in obedience trials are sure to have got much training. Any Pomeranian owner who has found a clue to training a dog does deserve respect. When asked about the basic techniques used during training sessions, one is likely to state that each Pomeranian needs individual approach. This is a very true statement, indeed.

What It Takes To Groom A Dog

Pomeranians are proud owners of beautiful fluffy coats. Naturally enough, it requires quite an effort to groom a Pomeranian. A dog needs brushing at least once a week. Note that the Pomeranian’s undercoat is particularly hard to brush. If not properly looked after, its hairs mat, and need to be cut later.

Nail clipping is a common procedure for dogs that do not spend much time outdoors. A monthly session will be enough to keep the nails of Pomeranians in shipshape order.

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