Pomeranians Ancestors

Pomeranians are believed to have descended from ancient Spitz-type dogs. There is evidence that the Pomeranian’s ancestors existed in Egypt, since their drawings were found in ancient tombs.

However, conventional opinions state that Northern regions, perhaps, Siberia, were the first homes for those hardy, weather-resistant dogs. Their physical qualities were successfully used in pulling sleighs, and warning about danger.


What Did They Look Like?

pomeranian for salePomeranian



Freezing temperatures were no problem for Pomeranian’s forefathers thanks to their dense coat covering the whole of the short body. Strong winds could not reach small ears safely hidden in a warm fur cloud. Even cold Arctic nights, one of the most serious endurance tests, were faced bravely by those hardy dogs. They used their bushy tail to cover a long, narrow muzzle when sleeping on the snow.

It goes without saying that the Pomeranian’s ancestors were much larger than the breed we know today. The approximate size is said to be 20-30 pounds. Smaller individuals served as companions, or watchdogs.

Pomeranians In Europe

Popularization of the breed began in the middle centuries with its appearance in Western Europe. Queen Charlotte acquired a dog in Pomerania, a part of Germany where it had been known since the 1500’s. Though the Germans developed quite a number of Spitz dogs coming in a variety of sizes and colors, she preferred the tiniest white species known under the name of “Zwergspitz,” which means “a Toy Spitz.” The German name did not stick, though, and the dog first appeared in Great Britain as a Pomeranian.

The Pomeranian was further promoted by Queen Victoria. Some of her dogs successfully participated in shows. It is said that the Queen established a kennel where Pomeranians were bred for diminutive size, a preferred version of the breed. Distinguished artists depicted the royal family’s pets, Thomas Gainsborough being among them. Much attention from the cream of society helped to popularize the Pomeranian all over the country.

Pomeranians In America

At the end of the 19th century Pomeranians were brought to America. They were first exhibited in 1892 in New York. Eight years later the breed was recognized by the AKC. US breeders continued to multiply the Pomeranian’s color patterns. Red Pomeranians, most commonly seen dogs at the beginning of the century, had to make room for cream and parti-colored ones. In fact, the breed’s size was reduced greatly. During almost half a century Pomeranians lost about 8 lbs. (from 15lbs. to 7 lbs.).

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