How to Train and Care for Your Husky Puppies

If husky puppies are given the proper care and affection, they will grow up to be lovable and calm adult dogs. The Siberian husky makes for a great family dog due to its placid and hardworking nature. It is normally a medium-to-large dog which weighs around 50-60 pounds.

If given the right amount of training and attention, Huskies can grow up to be the most obedient of all god breeds. Some breed of huskies need to be kept away from children, but the Siberian Huskies are fond of children. You can easily leave them to watch over your baby / child without fear that they would harm them.

These dogs are so well behaved that they never create a nuisance around strangers inside or outside your home. Husky owners can freely take their dogs out for a walk without worrying about their pets biting pedestrians or for that matter barking at them.

In-case there is a god fight, your pet will never be the cause of it and huskies are smart enough to handle such situations on their own.

How to Train and Care for Your Husky Puppies


A Smart Dog, But Also a Tease:           

Husky puppies are so intelligent that sometimes things might get too cool for comfort. Even though their behavior is undoubtedly calm, these puppies tend to use their brains too much.

Huskies have a constantly changing temperament; at times they can be very funny while at others times, there won’t be a stubborn dog than them – in both the cases however, they have a very good nature. Some people tend to describe the behavior of huskies as impulsive, which is quite an accurate description to be honest.

The First Two Things You Will Learn:

There are two things all husky owners should remember when caring for their fur-friends:

1.   Husky Puppies are very high-spirited, and they simply love attention and company. They are in the best mood when they are either playing or exercising.

2.   During their play / exercise times, they tend to leave fur all over the place. They shed their fur twice in a year.

Note: These dogs have a very thick coat which keeps them warm in extremely cold temperatures. The funny thing is that, these dogs can tolerate extremely hot climatic conditions as well.

Housebreaking and Chewing Habits:

When you first get a husky to your house, it’s better to keep it in a small crate to sleep in. Don’t leave the puppy inside the crate for any longer than it’s necessary as it may start to feel lonely very easily.

Alike every other pet, the huskies also have to be tamed. Take the puppy outside for a walk soon after its meals or when it gets up after a long sleep. It will get an idea of where to do the daily necessities sooner than any other dog breed.

The chewing habit of husky puppies is the same as any other puppy. It will start munching on anything that appears to fit inside its mouth. Treat them like you would treat a child.

Give the husky a few toys to play within its crate or outside its crate, watch over it like you would babysit a newborn baby. If it tends to go astray, pick it up and send it playing again.

If it does something it is not supposed to do, like chewing on a table leg or the edge of your pants, simply say ‘No’ and give it a toy to play with.

Note: Huskies are fast learners, and they turn out to be very obedient dogs but mind you, they are also known to test their owners from time to time.

Huskies Need Plenty of Exercise:

How to Train and Care for Your Husky Puppies

A small trip around the block or in your yard twice daily maybe sufficient for Husky Puppies, but it is not sufficient for adult Huskies. As the puppies grow into young adults, they will need to get more exercise, and it would be a wise decision to take yourself and your pet out for a 30 minutes jog.

It would be beneficial for your pet as well as for you. Remember to spend some time playing with your husky every day, as they love to play. If you are not prepared to spend so much time with these lovable dogs, it’s high time you reconsider getting a Husky or hire a sitter to do the job.

Additional Care-Taking Tips:

Husky puppies have a double coat of fur, which means they need to be brushed at least once a week. Brushing these puppies regularly not only keeps them happy but also makes the life of the owner hassle free during their time of shedding fur.

Huskies rarely need a bath – frequent baths can cause skin irritation because their double coat has a tendency to trap shampoo or soap quite easily.

You should also remember to keep a check on the ear and nails of these lovable pets. They have floppy ears that need checking from time to time and their nails also need to be trimmed in the same fashion.

Note: You can clean their ears, but it is best to take them to a vet to get their nails trimmed, so as to avoid cuts and bleeding.

Take the vet’s advice on what food is best for your pets. The huskies love dry foods, but only that food should be given to them which are best for growing dogs.

Make sure that your puppies always have fresh water to drink for obvious reasons. Also remember to let your puppies have the occasional shots, this habit should schedule into their adulthood.

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