History and Origins of the German Shepherd Dog (Alsatian Dog)

The Alsatian Dog is first rate. Their stout courage, strong heart, and keen senses, make them a global wide favorite.
The Alsatian is definitely an active but dignified dog, that likes heated dog beds and that will get along fine with children along with other creatures so long as they’ve been correctly socialized when youthful.

History and Origins of the German Shepherd Dog (Alsatian Dog)

Alsation dogs are often trained, and therefore are bred mainly for guard responsibilities. They create excellent watchdogs, are very loyal, possess a couch potatoes temperament, plus they make ideal family pets.

The Alsatian Dog is famous around the world for his intelligence and loyalty. He’s gained the status like a good family companion, guide dog, police dog and herding dog, obviously.

Alsatian Dog History

The Alsatian dog is the effect of a concerted effort to reproduce the perfect shepherd dog, one able to herding and protecting sheep flocks.
1899 saw the development of the organization dedicated to managing the breeding from the German Shepherd, the Verein fur Deutsche Scharferhunde SV. German dog breeders were trying to develop not just a herding dog, but additionally one that may stand out at jobs needing courage, athleticism and intelligence.

Their success was evidenced because the Alsatian had proven itself a far more than capable police dog, and subsequent careful breeding perfected its capabilities being an intelligent and courageous companion and protector dog.
The History of GERMAN SHEPHERD – Alsatian (Video)

A Flexible Herding Breed

Alsatian dogs would be the most versatile dog breed there’s. they’re used like a protector of houses, a protector of animals, through the military as guard dogs, plus they act as a police dogs around the globe. Alsatian’s will also be educated to lead the blind, making great buddies for kids.
Customs agents make use of the Alsatian dog to sniff out drugs along with other contraband at international airports around the world.


This breed was handed the title of Alsatian Wolf Dog through the British after World War 1, as the AKC transformed the title from German Shepherd Dod to Shepherd Dog, so that they can disassociate it from Germany, however it’s now recognised around the world by it’s rightful title of German Shepherd Dog.

This dog is medium-sized by most dog standards, standing 24-26 inches (61-66 centimetres) in the shoulders, as the bitch stands 22-24 inches (56-61 centimetres) in the shoulders.

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